Take a look at DigTrack's features:

To achieve business growth, you must maximize the performance of your people, the work they do, and the assets they use. Read the features below to learn how DigTrack helps achieve maximum performance that fuels business growth.


Automatic Positive Response

DigTrack can perform all the necessary positive responses required for damage-prevention teams. The system responds immediately to an excavator or One Call center when the field tech completes the ticket, eliminating the time spent faxing, emailing, or making phone calls.

Completely compatible with One Call centers and third-party APR systems, DigTrack records positive responses on the ticket along with the other actions taken by the field locator. For operators that manage locate requests across multiple states, DigTrack automatically responds to the locator, One Call center, or third party depending on what state you are in, saving you time and money.


Ticket Assignment Routing

DigTrack can automatically screen and assign tickets to field locators based on a variety of criteria, such as place, member code, grid, and polygon. Pre-dispatch tickets when you want to hold them for review before releasing requests to the field. Or go direct when you are ready to speed up the process and completely automate the job of assigning locates. Assignment routing of tickets makes it easy for your organization to address large volumes of locate requests on time … and getting started with polygon-based assignment is as simple as drawing polygon regions and selecting the tech that gets that area.


Reports and Dashboards

The wealth of information DigTrack puts at your fingertips is one of the reasons it remains so successful. Our software provides real-time, readily accessible damage-prevention data for field techs and managers, including information on workload, emergency ticket status, and staffing levels. Detailed reports can be generated with the click of a button and a host of dashboards provide a quick glimpse into the vital signs of your operation. DigTrack also provides a range of standard and custom reports for more in-depth analysis.


Enterprise GIS Integration

Having visual facility data readily available makes it easier to respond to a locate request. DigTrack mapping tools ensure that key GIS resources are available to field techs, providing full-featured visualization of assets and their physical relationship to any planned area of excavation.

DigTrack offers a series of map clients and service connection options. Facility data can be hosted on our map server or we can connect to services that our customers publish. Basic GIS consulting services are always available to help configure the client so that styles and feature information are tailored to the task of locating.


SafeSketch Drawing Tool

SafeSketch is a procedural drawing tool that helps damage-prevention teams communicate important safety information to excavators and utilities. Unlike other painting programs, SafeSketch has been designed from the ground up to quickly document the work that was done to complete a locate request. Types of services located, measurements, and locator notes are easily recorded. This innovative DigTrack drawing module is designed to be launched right from a ticket.

Photo, Video, and Document Attachments

Photos, videos, sketches, orientation forms, and other important documents can be easily linked to any DigTrack ticket. A gallery viewer presents multiple photos for quick review and videos are always available for preview right from the ticket.


Flexible Mobile Framework

DigTrack has a variety mobile options. Our browser-based mobile view screen is perfect for field use on a laptop or netbook. For locators who prefer a phone or tablet, DigTrack is available as an app for the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices at no extra charge. With DigTrack, locators and managers are not locked into a single technology—simply select the platform that is right for each of your users. Best of all our mobile solutions are developed as Native Apps, making your user experience consistent on any of your devices.